5 Aug 2009

Kota Kinabalu

This picture was snapped on the way to KK. KK has changed a lot since we were last here in May 2008. The beautiful esplanade is no longer there - I think they are renovating the place and adding a garden. So right now what is left is just rubble and large tracts of empty space. We can't even walk to the seaside. Luckily our room in KK (We're staying at the Promenade now) faces the sea so at least we can see it.
Today we all walked to the Phillippine market to buy some souvenirs. The market has not changed at all over the years though prices have gone up - still the same stalls packed with Indonesian made goods as well as Borneo pearls. I bought some souvenirs for En Mail and others back home - batik for Norlee and so on. Tomorrow we'll be going back to KL on the evening flight.

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