16 Feb 2010

abandoned values

Today's papers were full of  the newest scandal of the day - abandoned babies. In fact some babies are so unwanted they are not just abandoned but burnt to death. This is the first time I've heard of this - before it was just throwing away unwanted babies in the trash can or in front of mosques and sometimes near a rubbish dump. Yesterday something new and even more evil occurred - a baby was thrown into a dumpster and then the dumpster set a fire - as if throwing away an innocent victim of its mother's sexual decadence was not enough - whoever it was had to burn her own child. And of course this had to happen - where - you guessed it  - that supposedly "corridor of Mecca", that supposedly " holy/ country" in Malaysia, Kelantan, with its two faced politicians and hypocritical attitudes. It makes me mad, really and truly mad to think that any body, could throw away her own child and kill him just to  hide their own perfidy.

At least such things no longer occur over here on the West coast - maybe its because we "liberal outsiders" are more civilised, more westernised to do such wanton killings? It has often been noted that the more you try to control the young, the more they rebel. In Kelantan, all Muslims are forced to wear the hijab and to cover up their bodies to "protect "them from the stares of male counterparts. The Kelantan Mentri Besar, Tok Guru himself commented that one of the results of permissiveness is more rape cases and more abandoned babies. Is Kelantan very permissive then? Because many of last year's rape cases occured in Kelantan and this year's worst case of abandoned babies is also from Kuala Krai. So much then for covering your anatomy. And for all that spouting of the holy Quran , what kind of a Muslim are you if you could kill your own child? Even animals have an instinct to protect their young. Not so humans today. 

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