20 Feb 2010

some people do the darnedest things

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to write about it at all - all and any kind of harassment by the authorities, whether its against people, traders or the latest fad - books. Yes we all know that even the most innocent looking book, as long as there is anything the slightest bit against the present government, gets banned. My daughter who works in one of the biggest bookstores in KL says that lately Amir Mohamad's book - "Politicians say the darnedest things" was taken away by the police. I wonder whether these people have any sense of humour at all.... can't they laugh at themselves once in a while? And why the police? Don't they have anything better to do - like get rid of snatch thieves, people smugglers, robbers and murderers or generally keep the city crime free and make it safe for us citizens. Do they bother to read at all or do they grab the book just because of the title? I wonder if the PM knows about this latest act? Knowing him I'm sure he would have laughed it off. Reminds me of that book by Ray Bradbury - Farenheit 480 where books are burned.

Our politicians always want people to think they are cool. But to be cool you have to act cool - either laugh at yourself or ignore criticism. Better still, never take yourself to seriously!

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Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Great post! I love that you state how you feel about subjects. :D Bravo!

Hugs, JJ