2 Oct 2013

A short trip to Bandung in Indonesia

After I came back from Mauritius, my sisters Laila and Sabar invited me to follow them on a shopping trip to Bandung, in I ndonesia. Indonesia is our neighbor and although I won't say that it has fantastic shopping ( not to be compared to London or Paris) but things there are really much cheaper than here in Malaysia. We were there for three days and two nights- just a small forage into their fabric market where one can buy Swiss voile and French lace for a third of the price here in Malaysia.

My sister Laila intends to open a bridal boutique and the best source for bridal wear and other stuff is tally Indonesia. A beautiful lace kebaya here costs only RM20/- while here in Malaysia the same one could cost up to RM200-300/-. So off to Bandung we went - my sisters and a niece and myself. It was a fairly hectic trip because Sabar is a shopaholic and does not know the meaning of tiredness or fatigue. After the first day of going around looking at fabrics, haggling the prices, trying on clothes, I felt ready to give up. But Sabar and Lin my niece will go on, saying oh this is beautiful! Or 'you should take a look at this one!' The many willing salespeople were so so helpful - demonstrating  lines and shapes, pulling out more and more fabrics for our perusal and persuading us to make our decisions to buy.

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Naida said...

It sounds like a fun trip, I love that pink fabric!